Simple, secure
& non-custodial
HBAR Wallet.

Simple, secure
& non-custodial
HBAR Wallet.

Yes! Kabila App is also an HBAR Wallet.

  • Hedera account creation and import
  • Hedera token tansfers
  • NFT Gallery + NFT Safe Trade
  • Hedera secure account management
    (Double Encryption)
  • Contact List
  • History


One Global Account to easily manage all your Hedera Accounts.

Create your Global Account with Kabila App and relate your Hedera Accounts. You’ll be able to easily access and manage all your accounts from one place. And remember, Kabila is a non custodial Wallet. We’ll never have access to your PKs or Seed Phrase, which are locally stored and securely encrypted in your browser.


Fast & clean
NFT Gallery.

Enjoy collecting NFTs with a super cleand and easy-to-use interface.

  • Best performance
  • Simple and clean UI
  • NFT Safe Trade
  • Search bar
  • Different View Modes


NFT Safe Trade

Easily buy & sell NFTs peer to peer in a secure way.



Easily access and view all your transactions.

Need more info? Click on each transaction and access detailed information, as well as a link to view all details in HashScan.
Need to download all transactions in a .CSV file?

Easy! Click on:


Contact List
and more.

Add, manage and easily access your contacts. Check your Global Account settings and update your passwords.

*New! Got your Hedera Account Keys compromised?

Now you can easily reset your PK & Seed Phrase from the Settings Menu.



Our Manifesto.

It was about time. We knew something was wrong. Deeply wrong.
Creators where taken out of the equation.
Users paid with time and personal data.
Value and talent were kept. Decisions were made by a few.
We built great pyramids together. And never owned a single grain.
Now it’s over.
We’ll own again. We’ll decide what’s best.
And we’ll prosper together.